Ultima Cruiser Diagnosis

This HD clattered through the door broadcasting a superfluous, rhythmic engine beat.

Tear down went on as a stop motion feature.


Front cylinder top end – clear.



Front cylinder bore and piston – showing signs of metal transfer.



Rear cylinder top end – clear.



Rear cylinder bore and piston – analogous to the front set.




The cause? Elliptical roller supporting the lifter on the left. Visible in the pistons are the silver streaks of ruin.


About the repair shop

On the horizon. Looking into the rising sun that is next week.

The corner is right.


KZ1000 head rebuild. Valve set, straight from the guides, leaning in the breeze.


Honda CB125 1976 Carb rebuild / Season Start-Up


Removal of the fuel spritzer reveals the split intake.


Little blue alley jumper that will sing in tune this spring.

Polishing fasteners for re-finishing. Clean laces are a must.


Engine line l to r: CL350, XR75, XR75