Vintage Bike Night – May Edition

Elbows up ride to the bike night in Maplewood, MO. Plenty of coverage with the lens.


Early preparation meant plenty of time to get the era correct Dirt Bag in shape for holding crucial spark plugs and wrenches.


The two-stroke DT125 with <900 original miles had not been started in 20+ years. Once fired, the ride to wash was enough to land the bike a gig in the show.


Sixty plus bikes filed in for the good time gathering.








Awesome to see the crowd living the evening, stoked on motorcycles.








Hospitality was welcomed. We will be making next month’s edition.


About the repair shop

On the horizon. Looking into the rising sun that is next week.

The corner is right.


KZ1000 head rebuild. Valve set, straight from the guides, leaning in the breeze.


Honda CB125 1976 Carb rebuild / Season Start-Up


Removal of the fuel spritzer reveals the split intake.


Little blue alley jumper that will sing in tune this spring.

Polishing fasteners for re-finishing. Clean laces are a must.


Engine line l to r: CL350, XR75, XR75